Knowing your business cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. With cash in the bank, it allows you to take your business to the next stage. Maybe you need to hire new staff, increase your workspace, create a new marketing platform, or even pay your team more money.

Using Xero allows you to have a close view of your business. You will be able to understand how much cash you are expecting using the invoice area. How much your monthly profit and loss is – so you can plan growth. Xero offers a functionality where you can establish automatic bank feeds directly into their platform. Over time Xero will recognise transactions and be able to categorise them automatically along with allocating payment with invoices sent from the Xero platform.

Xero Platform

Xero offers a web browser platform and mobile app, which you can download from Google Play and the Apple app store. The cloud-based software helps accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners manage their numbers and everyday financial tasks anywhere long as they have an internet connection.

We offer the Xero platform, which usually costs £24.00 per month, but when you take an accountancy package out with Clear Start Accountants, we will add it for free.


Xero Certification

Our accountants are Xero Certified Advisors. Our team has completed the Xero advisor certification course to achieve this certification. It teaches accountants how to use all the functions in Xero’s accounting software.

The course includes learning about fixed assets, inventory, banking, quotes, invoices, purchase orders, bills, expenses, reporting and other advanced tools. Xero has created the course to give accountants the skills to use the software to its full advantage.

How Xero can help grow your business?

When you are running a business, knowledge is power!

Understanding where your business stands in an instant put’s you a step ahead and gives you the confidence as a business owner to make decisions and progress your business.

Business Growth

Using the Xero platform with a bank feed connected will automatically categorise your payments and reconcile your bank account and allow you to view your monthly profit and loss instantly. Making it more accessible for a business owner to make on the spot decisions.

Get in touch with us today to see how our Xero packages can make your business run smoothly.