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Tax Rebate

Have you been working from home? Incurred expenses from your employment? Then speak with our Tax Rebate team to claim back your expenses.

How do I claim a Tax Rebate

To claim a tax rebate you only need to follow a few simple steps. It takes seconds to start your tax refund claim and we’ve made it easy at every stage. Our Tax Rebate Services has agreed on processes in place with the tax office which streamlines the tax refund process and means you can claim the maximum you’re owed without fuss. We do the paperwork for you keeping everything straightforward and giving you peace of mind.

Am I due a Tax Rebate?

If you are paying the tax you are entitled to claim a tax rebate and there are multiple tax refunds available. You are eligible to claim if:

  • You have paid tax in the last 4 years
  • You are employed under PAYE
  • You are self-employed under the construction industry scheme

In many cases, a tax rebate is not automatically refunded with the tax office expecting you to claim what you are owed. You could be due thousands in overpaid tax but only have four tax years to make a claim otherwise you will lose what you are owed.

Our Tax Rebate Service brings support to UK taxpayers who will not receive the refund of tax they are owed automatically or easily.

Tax Refund

What can I claim on a Tax Refund?

There are many different types of tax refunds available and you can claim one or multiple at the same time. You could claim a:

  • Mechanics Tax Rebate for tools and toolboxes
  • Leaving the UK refund
  • Mileage tax rebate for work travel
  • Tax Refund for hand tools and protective clothing
  • Private pension tax relief for higher rate taxpayers
  • Non-UK Resident Tax Rebate

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