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Launching ‘Penny to the Pound’

A new podcast called Penny to the Pound, providing practical personal budgeting support and guidance, has been launched by Clear Start Accountants.    

Co-hosted by Clear Start’s Founder and CEO Fiaz Ashraf, the podcast will welcome a host of experts and industry leaders across the series to offer their views for those embarking on a journey to financial freedom. As part of a dual offering, in addition to accountancy services provided by a qualified team of accountants, Clear Start Accountants also provides a monthly budgeting service for businesses and individuals.

Throughout the series, Penny to the Pound will explore and demystify in an easy-to-listen format relevant topics such as personal budgeting, household expenses, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and debt relief orders.

Fiaz Ashraf, Founder and CEO of Clear Start Accountants comments: “With the rising cost-of-living and current economic climate in mind, we understand the challenges presented when it comes to managing a household budget – something that can also be a very time-consuming process. At Clear Start Accountants, we are committed to supporting our clients by helping them to understand their monthly income, expenditure and areas of overspending with our unique personal budgeting platform, and we wanted to further extend this support to the wider community with the launch of Penny to the Pound.

“We have helped countless consumers and small businesses in reducing their living costs to date, identifying alternative cheaper expenses or ways to reduce their monthly outgoings in areas including gas and electricity, car insurance, fuel prices, monthly food prices and savings.”

The podcast is now available to listen to on all major platforms, and can be viewed on the Clear Start Accountants Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@ClearStartAccountants

Fiaz Ashraf Founder and CEO of Clear Start Accountants - Penny to the Pound Podcast

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