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Enhancing Our Monthly Budgeting Service

We are proud to unveil the latest enhancement to our Personal Monthly Budgeting Service, as we launch version three of our pioneering app, offering real-time, unbiased advice on the cheapest deals in a customer’s area.

The latest version draws on state-of-the-art programming to source the very best prices, which are now updated every hour, and with the added functionality of push notifications ‘as it happens’ to ensure that our customers are accessing the most competitive deals.

Just as prices at the fuel pumps rise steeply, and with big differences in the cost per litre often within a few mile radius, the newest version of the app sends alerts on the cheapest five fuel stations in your locality, drawing on postcode data, as well finding the very best prices for your weekly food basket, top insurance deals and broadband providers.   

The updated platform also alerts customers via instant push notifications if they go over their monthly budget, helping them to keep control of costs, so everyday living expenses don’t spiral.

Our CEO Fiaz Ashraf, said: “For our customers the budgeting app is a lifeline, allowing us to do the hard work for them, in advising how they can save on everyday necessities. Our significant investment in the latest version now takes this one step further, with customised price data supplied in real time to offer the very best deals close to their homes.

“This latest move proves our commitment to harnessing the very latest technology to improve our capability, and hence our customer service offering on an on-going basis.”

Clear Start also has its own podcast ‘Penny to the Pound’, co-hosted by Founder and CEO Fiaz Ashraf, which teams up with experts and industry leaders across the series to offer their views for those embarking on a journey to financial freedom.

Penny to the Pound explores and demystifies in an easy-to-listen format relevant topics such as personal budgeting, household expenses, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and debt relief orders.

The podcast is now available to listen to on all major platforms, and can be viewed on the Clear Start Accountants Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@ClearStartAccountants

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